Chicken Tour

Today I’m grateful that the grade 1 team invited me to bring one of our chickens in to show all the grade 1 students. They’ve had chicks hatching in their class all week so this was their chance to see what happens to the chicks a year later. It was so much fun answering their questions and discussing their ideas, and I think for many of the kids from now on I will be Mr Chicken.

Amstrad CPC464

Today I’m grateful for my first computer from 1985 – the Amstrad CPC464. It only had 64kb of memory and no hard drive (you could save & load programs on audio cassette tapes) but I loved playing with that machine and spent hours and hours writing code and making my own games and apps. It is 100% responsible for getting me started in the path to an IT career when I was only 10 years old.