Today I’m grateful for haircut time with Leo. I was always really uncomfortable getting my hair cut as a kid, but I’ve been taking Leo to the same barber since he was little and he really enjoys it. It makes me really happy to see him confident about his own style — this weekend he finally got the Mohawk he’s been talking about and it looks great!

Open Windows

Today I’m grateful to have an office with windows that open. After many years in corporate buildings with fixed windows and recycled air, it’s really nice to have fresh breeze, to hear the birds, and to see the kids playing outside while I finish for the day.

First Day of Spring

Today I’m grateful for the first day of spring. It’s still pretty cold here this year, but I spent some time thinking about the start of spring 10 years ago. The day Alexandria was born a beautiful pink flower appeared in our front yard — very delicate and ornate. A week later at the start of spring we were at Araluen Botanical Park to see the arrival of the tulips as our first family outing. As we sat down to admire the tulips a young tenor came out and sang Ave Maria as we admired the flowers. It was a special day.