First Day of Spring

Today I’m grateful for the first day of spring. It’s still pretty cold here this year, but I spent some time thinking about the start of spring 10 years ago. The day Alexandria was born a beautiful pink flower appeared in our front yard — very delicate and ornate. A week later at the start of spring we were at Araluen Botanical Park to see the arrival of the tulips as our first family outing. As we sat down to admire the tulips a young tenor came out and sang Ave Maria as we admired the flowers. It was a special day.


Today I’m grateful for my unusual name. I don’t really think about my own name that much, but when I do I realise it’s pretty unusual — I’ve only met a couple of other Stewarts and Stuarts over the years. It peaked in popularity in the 1960s and has been falling ever since. The only downside is the confusion in spelling my name, though some of the misspellings are pretty entertaining. Some people just hedge their bets with Stuwart.

Mirror Recordings

Today I’m grateful that a lot of the kids have used my phone in selfie mode as a mirror, I’ve recorded a video. I’ve got a whole bunch of these goofy videos of the kids wiping the remains of their hot chocolate off their faces, and they’re funny to watch.