Today I’m grateful that I became a developer. I’ve long since moved away from it as my main job, but I bring the structured thinking and problem-solving approach with me to every role since. And even today I still find comfort in sitting down and nutting out a simple coding task for fun.


Today I’m grateful for the random luck that meant I ended up sharing an office with this awesome bloke. From the moment Dan found out I play bass my fate was sealed, and it was an kickass couple of years rocking out with The Rhythm Method. Rock on brother! 🤘🏻

Honda CRV

Today I’m grateful for our Honda CRV. We cashed it in today and it has served us well since 2006. It’s travelled from Perth to Melbourne with us, has transported all our babies home from hospital, and has towed our camper trailer all over Victoria. Thank you for your service little white car, may you rest in pieces!

Irony in HR

Today I’m grateful for the amusing irony in me being an HR Manager. When I met Lana she was the HR Manager and I was an Engineer, and I used to make dumb jokes that HR was all about coloured pencils, soft skills and long lunches. And now here I am realising that the HR stuff is easily the most complex part of my role. Maybe I need more coloured pencils.