Science Expo

Today I’m grateful that the kids participated in another Science Expo at school. It’s amazing to see some of the science experiments that the kids can demonstrate and explain, its very inspiring. Alexandria’s electric skill tester was a big hit, but nobody saved the panda bear!

Mabel’s Joy

Today I’m grateful for a few moments this evening looking through our photos and seeing Mabel’s joy jump out at me. She is such a beautiful, funny, and caring person, and it’s almost overwhelming when her confidence and happiness lines up and she expresses pure joy at being part of the family. It’s easy to get stuck in the daily routine, but I’m glad I’m remembering to take the time out to pay attention to her smile.

Recharge Time

Today I’m grateful that Lana gives me time occasionally to be by myself in the workshop and recharge my mental batteries. The outcome of today’s session was new bed for Felix that turned out better than I’d hoped. The kids have now put in their orders for me to make bigger ones for them!

Travel Diary

Today I’m grateful I’ve still got the travel diary I kept while seeing Thailand and Europe with my parents in 1985. I’m so glad I kept the maps and currency, some from Dubrovnik when it was part of Yugoslavia. I have a cigarette packet with a hand-drawn map from some old guy in a tiny town in central Turkey (Bahçeli) helping us find our way when we took a wrong turn out of Ürgüp. 30 years later and I still have a clear memory of that day.