New Study Desk

Today I’m grateful to have finally finished the full-length built-in desk in our study. Plenty of room for three workstations, and the stained surface came out great and matches the floor. The last part today was cable management — no clutter and power boards on the floor. That’s going to make me happy every day!

School Holidays with Sisters

Today I’m grateful that I got to stay with my sisters during school holidays when I was a kid. They spoiled me and gave me access to experiences and places I would never have seen otherwise. I always looked forward to staying with them, my anxieties subsided at their front door. This photo is proof: a surprise shot taken by my sister Bronwen as I was really getting into the air guitar in 1982. This is a photo of a relaxed and care-free me.

Maria’s Garden

Today I’m grateful for a day at Zia Maria’s farm picking chestnuts. I’m always grateful for a huge array of tasty dishes for lunch (benefits of marrying into an Italian family) but today I’m particularly grateful for Maria’s garden. It is a peaceful, mindful place to be still and enjoy a huge variety of plants. I think of my mother’s gardens when I’m here — massive projects built with love and a passion for plants. I hope one day to build one of my own.

Term 1 Finished

Today I’m grateful for a fulfilling end to term 1 at school this year. Each day is a fun challenge with completely new events, and I’m enjoying tackling it all with my team. There are no words for how grateful I am to be able to walk my kids to class every day, and to have a direct hand in making their school better. And now, two weeks of Easter holidays!