Today I’m grateful that I learned to scuba dive and got to go on some fantastic dives around Perth, the Great Barrier Reef, Bali and Palau. It’s a relaxing experience being able to move easily in any direction, and the amount of marine life we’ve seen in some tropical locations was breathtaking.

Gratitude Diary

Today I’m grateful that Mabel has decided to start a gratitude diary. She was feeling frustrated and anxious, so we had a long chat about how she is just like me and is built to worry about things, and I told her that I try and find some gratitude every day to try and worry less. She liked reading through my entries, and has decided to start her own journal on her iPad. I hope it helps her worry less. ❤️


Today I’m grateful for a daughter who’s so excited by her school work that she asks, “Dad can I do my PowerPoint instead of watching TV?” I remember a time — long ago — when I was excited by the prospect of doing something in PowerPoint.

Rose Buds

Today I’m grateful for the little new buds on our roses. It’s still a month left of winter, but we had one warmish day so the roses decided to start getting ready for spring. It’s a little bit of optimism in the front yard.