Chicken Tour

Today I’m grateful that the grade 1 team invited me to bring one of our chickens in to show all the grade 1 students. They’ve had chicks hatching in their class all week so this was their chance to see what happens to the chicks a year later. It was so much fun answering their questions and discussing their ideas, and I think for many of the kids from now on I will be Mr Chicken.

Amstrad CPC464

Today I’m grateful for my first computer from 1985 – the Amstrad CPC464. It only had 64kb of memory and no hard drive (you could save & load programs on audio cassette tapes) but I loved playing with that machine and spent hours and hours writing code and making my own games and apps. It is 100% responsible for getting me started in the path to an IT career when I was only 10 years old.


Today I’m grateful for iPads. The amount of power my kids have at their fingertips today is mind boggling compared to what I was using at the same age (in 1985). I can’t wait to see where it takes them.

Excel 5.0

Today I’m grateful for the Excel 5.0 course I took at uni in 1995. At the time I thought it was a waste and didn’t understand why it was part of an IT degree, but I’ve been building on those skills for 20 years now and it’s constantly useful at work. Particularly in the non-IT environment I’m in now, where advanced Excel is indistinguishable from magic.