Ancient Marble

Today I’m grateful that ancient marble sculptures like these are still available to see today. The skill required to make something from solid stone that looks like transparent cloth is mind blowing. I have to get to Venice and Paris some time soon to witness them in real life.


Today I’m grateful that on our honeymoon we ended up by chance visiting a family on the tiny remote island of Angaur. They were incredibly generous to us: they caught us fresh fish and cooked us dinner, climbed trees to get us fresh coconuts, and took us crabbing in the middle of the night. It was a completely unplanned part of our trip, but whenever I remember it I marvel at how lucky we were for it to happen.


Today I’m grateful to have a heritage of woodworkers. This is a photo of the shop my grandfather Vic worked in as a young man in the UK before joining the army in WW2 (he’s the one standing at the workbench on the left, with the white shirt and serious expression). No power tools in those days, and they made a lot of their own hand tools. I’ve got some his tools in storage, I’m looking forward to building a display for them one day.