The Promise of SharePoint

Too often at work I send an email that says:

“Latest version of <Some Document> is attached, and I’ve also uploaded it to the SharePoint.”

Every time I hit send, I imagine someone on the SharePoint team dies a little inside.

(For the record, I’ve tried not attaching it and just putting the direct SharePoint link in the email, and every time I get a bunch of replies, “please send me the latest copy.”)


The guy sitting opposite me on the train is wearing big headphones with a prominent R over his left ear and L over his right. It is bothering me a lot more than it should. I may have to change seats.

Scorpions: Wind of Change

This song convinced me to buy my first stereo system. I remember standing in the [Big W] at Karrinyup shops, and this song came on a TEAC stereo system sitting on the shelf. It sounded better than anything I’d heard before (all we had at home were mono-speaker radios and TVs) and I was convinced to buy it right then on the spot. Still think about that moment from 1991 every damn time this song comes on the radio.


I had surgery under general anaesthetic today, from a surgeon I’ve only briefly met in his consulting rooms. In the last few moments before I went under, my conversation with the surgeon was like this:

Surgeon: So you’re a police officer, right?

Me: No, I work for a bank.

Surgeon: Oh right, but I know your in-laws, right?

Me: No.

My last thought before going under was, “Wait, am I in the right place? What is this guy going to do to me?”

Thankfully when I woke up it was all okay, and I have a lovely new pair of boobs.