I’m grateful to have artwork made for me by special people in my life and collected while making good memories. I have it hanging above my computer, and it makes my corner of the study a comforting place to be.

11 Years of Marriage

Today I’m grateful for eleven years of marriage to this amazing woman. In countless ways she is the complement of me, and we are still today finding ways that we balance and support each other.

As I said on our wedding day, if I could start over and do everything again, I would do it the exact same way — mistakes and all — so that I end up here married to this beautiful, funny, and sincere woman with the most generous spirit of anyone I know.


I’m grateful to have grown up with chickens and that we’ve been able to have chickens for our kids too. The eggs are delicious, they handle all our kitchen scraps, and they’re beautiful to look at through our dining room window.

My Mother

I am grateful for my mother, who turned 81 this week. So much of what I have been able to achieve has been possible due to sacrifices she made for me. I am cast in her image, I hear her voice in my head all the time, and I see her best qualities reflected out into my children.