My name is Stewart Johnson. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I was born in Wyalkatchem and have lived in 3 Australian states (Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria) and Hong Kong. At last count I’ve moved house over 30 times.

I am a husband, father, son and brother. I enjoy building things with my hands. I’m an engineering nerd, and software developer. I have played french horn, guitar and bass, all in bands and orchestras. I’m in a beard phase at the moment.

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True Facts about Stewart

  • I am 6’3″ / 190cm tall.
  • My left leg is ever so slightly shorter than my right. It’s not noticeable to the casual observer.
  • Once a TV series has ended and broadcast its last episode I’m much more likely to be interested. I’m not keen on getting on board with a TV series when I don’t know how many seasons there are going to be and if the series maintains a reasonable standard. If I start a series I absolutely want to finish every episode, but that could mean sitting through terrible episodes to get to the end. The way I’m built, it’s not really an option for me to just stop watching. That’s why I watched RoboCop 3.
  • I absolutely have trypophobia.
  • It was a happy day when I learned of the existence of misophonia, because I definitely have that too. For example, I find that the sound of someone sneezing — no matter who or when — fills me in less than a second with a surge of rage, which quickly dissipates. It’s much worse when I’m really tired or under a lot of stress. I have similarly strong reactions to most sounds related to eating and drinking: mostly I can ignore it, but when I’m particularly tired or stressed fills me with anger and I tense up, and sometimes I have to leave the table.
  • I struggle to stay awake in the barber’s chair. Something about the buzz of the trimmers and the snip snip of the scissors makes me really, really drowsy.
  • I’ll listen to pretty much any music (though I have favourites) but I draw the line at the singer Meatloaf. If he comes on the radio I turn it off or change stations every time without fail.
  • I have been to a country that doesn’t exist any more (Yugoslavia in 1985).