In 2020 I decided to start making an effort to become a more ethical technology user. A component of that effort is to start paying my way for services – choosing to pay where it’s voluntary, and to choose options where I can support an independent creator and their sustainable business model.

Here’s a partial list of the things I recommend and have purchased. I’m always open to hearing about suggestions for other creators to support.

I Would Love to Support

  • I love all the podcasts from Pushkin, and would love to sign up to be a contributor (a “pushnik”). Unfortunately the only way to do that is to subscribe through Apple Podcasts, which would mean I could no longer use my favourite independent podcast app Overcast.

No Longer Supporting

  • I used to be a big fan of Gimlet Media, but then they were acquired by Spotify. Now all their shows are going in to the Spotify app – though they’ll release a teaser (usually episode 1) as a normal podcast to sucker you in. They proclaim “the spotify app is free” which is true if you only think of money, but I’m not signing up for yet more tracking and data gathering if I don’t need to. There are plenty of other good podcasts, and I feel it’s important to stand firm for the existing open podcasting platform.
    • Further solidifying this position is that they continue to support Joe Rogan despite all his arrogant bullshit and uniformed ramblings actively hurting the public. No sympathy for the Gimlet shows like Science Vs that were upset that Spotify were being money-hungry dicks and felt betrayed. Leopards at my face!
  • Similarly the podcast call Cold was excellent, but they were acquired by Amazon and now they’re only available in the Amazon app. I’m not sending money or information to a company like Amazon for many reasons, not least of which being run by a man wasting his billions on choosing to be a Space Cowboy during a global pandemic.
  • Similarly Wondery was acquired by Amazon, so I don’t support them financially any more.