Being Hit in the Face with Meat

I also have a story about being bullied with flying meat like this poor kid in the UK.

When I was in primary school, my mother was at uni as a mature-age student. It was just Mum and me at home, so she would come home and tell me about all the things she had learned at uni that day.

One of the classes she studied was Animal Ethics. She would come home and tell me about how horribly veal cattle are treated in their short lives, show me pictures of battery hens that had been in cages so long their feet had grown around the wire, and how some sheep are horribly injured in the crush of live transport. She decided to become vegetarian.

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Floppy Nostalgia

I’m really feeling a lot of nostalgia for floppy disks at the moment.

Having all my data in the cloud and not having to worry about storage limits is great, but there’s something about the satisfying click of the disk locking in to place that I’d love to have again.

I miss the satisfaction of thumbing through a box full of disks to choose a game I’d like to play and the physicality of having a collection of things I really treasured in my hands.

I don’t miss having to feed 37 floppy disks through a drive to install Windows 95 though.

Music has had a renaissance in analogue media, I wonder if we’ll have a hipster movement in data storage as well? Has anyone invented a floppy disk with a pop-out USB connector? It wouldn’t be the same though, I need the satisfying click as the disk locks in to place.



At It Again

Stewart puts his foot in his mouth at work #372:

I had an unexpectedly productive meeting at work with a difficult stakeholder today and I was relaying the details to my boss. I wasn’t sure if he knew the stakeholder, so I asked him that first.

Me: So do you know Mary?
Boss: Yes.
Me: I just had the most SATISFYING experience with her.

Awkward silence while we both contemplate what just came out of my mouth.

Of course this was in the open plan office so plenty of people shared in my cringe.

Lego Table

I built this Lego table for the kids after stepping on Lego on the floor one to many times! On one side it has a set of drawers with dividers that I bought cheap at Bunnings, and on the other side it has a large bin where they kids can quickly scoop their Lego away, or can put larger models they don’t want to break up.

There’s a rail around the top edge on three sides (not on the bin side) to stop pieces accidentally falling off.

The top is 9 Lego plates — they’re lightly stuck down with spray adhesive so they can be rearranged or replaced.

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stationarystationery2It occurred to me today that I probably think differently about heterographs than most normal people. I see them as an exciting opportunity, and I still get a small hit of satisfaction when I get to use uncommon ones.

I can remember first learning about stationary and stationery in primary school, and being on the look-out for opportunities to use stationery so that I could prove to myself that I remembered. It was genuinely exciting when I finally got the opportunity to use ‘stationery’ properly,a and I felt really proud.

It occurred to me today that I feel the same way about many tricks of language like heterographs, and I still get a little flush of happiness when I get to write things like, “the building was 10 storeys high.”

It’s not a feeling of superiority or anything though. When I see a mistake where someone has missed a heterograph I’m more surprised than critical, more disappointed on their behalf. I’m so sorry you missed the little thrill of remembering the correct version of their/there/they’re! I’m really shocked when I see a professionally printed sign with a mistake — surely there must’ve been someone in that group of people who loves heterographs as much as me?