Animated Photorealistic Graphics

When I was at uni we did an animated graphics project. The idea was to write some C code that would output a series of PoVray scene files, and then render the files into a series of images and stitch them together into an mpeg video.

The video I ended up creative evolved in a very stream-of-conscious way: I started with animating a bouncing ball, and then kept asking myself, “what could happen next?” In the end the ball ended up bouncing through a scene and knocking a bunch of things over and then disappearing into a pond. Sadly that video is lost to a hard drive that died long ago.

I loved doing that project, I think because it was a chance to do something creative (rather than just implementing another sorting algorithm). I’ve been thinking about doing something similar off-and-on again ever since.

So once I finish my MBA I’ll make good on that and come up with another stream-of-consciousness video. There are some really good examples of what I’m talking about on youtube:

There’s a lot of satisfaction in building the environment and developing the physics, and then even more looking at the finished product.

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