Feature Wall

In our home in Perth we added a feature wall with some lit recesses for displaying some artwork. This is one of my favourite projects – I was very happy with the result.


We wanted to have two lit recesses in this wall in which we could display some artwork. Rather than make holes in the existing wall, I decided to build another wall in front of that one (making it twice as thick) with the recesses being ‘windows’ in the new wall.


I framed up the new wall in place around the new feature recesses. The gap in the lintel above each recess is to allow space for the downlight. In this shot I’ve already attached the first sheet of plastboard on top of the new frame.


Patient wife sanding all the plastering. The dark spot is a paint colour we tested for the wall that we elected not to go with (clearly too dark).


Plastering complete, ready for paint. Around the door are sample paint colours for the non-feature wall.


Painted, lights installed and trying out with sample objects. The paint we used on the wall was a textured painted which dried with a velvet/felt like finish. It was really nice and we were both very happy with the result.


The final objet d’arts that we bought for the recesses: a tall thin statue of a geisha, and flat thin vase full of imitation apple blossoms.

Close-up of the geisha’s face.

Close-up of the hand-painted vase

Close-up of the faux blossoms