At It Again

Stewart puts his foot in his mouth at work #372:

I had an unexpectedly productive meeting at work with a difficult stakeholder today and I was relaying the details to my boss. I wasn’t sure if he knew the stakeholder, so I asked him that first.

Me: So do you know Mary?
Boss: Yes.
Me: I just had the most SATISFYING experience with her.

Awkward silence while we both contemplate what just came out of my mouth.

Of course this was in the open plan office so plenty of people shared in my cringe.


For as long as I can remember I have wanted to build a fantastic cubby house for my kids. You can buy some pretty big cubbies, but the ones I’ve looked at are a bit flimsy for the amount they charge (easily over $3000 when delivered and installed). If they were cheaper and sturdier I would’ve considered buying one in the interests of time, but instead I ended up building one myself, and I’m really glad.

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The Promise of SharePoint

Too often at work I send an email that says:

“Latest version of <Some Document> is attached, and I’ve also uploaded it to the SharePoint.”

Every time I hit send, I imagine someone on the SharePoint team dies a little inside.

(For the record, I’ve tried not attaching it and just putting the direct SharePoint link in the email, and every time I get a bunch of replies, “please send me the latest copy.”)


I had surgery under general anaesthetic today, from a surgeon I’ve only briefly met in his consulting rooms. In the last few moments before I went under, my conversation with the surgeon was like this:

Surgeon: So you’re a police officer, right?

Me: No, I work for a bank.

Surgeon: Oh right, but I know your in-laws, right?

Me: No.

My last thought before going under was, “Wait, am I in the right place? What is this guy going to do to me?”

Thankfully when I woke up it was all okay, and I have a lovely new pair of boobs.

First Vegetable Garden

At one of our previous houses I built a big vegetable garden in an unused corner of the garden in front of the shed. (Later I built the chicken hutch next to it.)

Overall it was a really sturdy and effective design that worked out really well. It was still going when we sold the house – I hope it’s working out well for the new owners.

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