Floppy Nostalgia

I’m really feeling a lot of nostalgia for floppy disks at the moment.

Having all my data in the cloud and not having to worry about storage limits is great, but there’s something about the satisfying click of the disk locking in to place that I’d love to have again.

I miss the satisfaction of thumbing through a box full of disks to choose a game I’d like to play and the physicality of having a collection of things I really treasured in my hands.

I don’t miss having to feed 37 floppy disks through a drive to install Windows 95 though.

Music has had a renaissance in analogue media, I wonder if we’ll have a hipster movement in data storage as well? Has anyone invented a floppy disk with a pop-out USB connector? It wouldn’t be the same though, I need the satisfying click as the disk locks in to place.




  1. Graham Wynn says:

    i am same with records and cds, don’t download music, rather flick through them all, much more satisfying

  2. But do you miss saving for 20min only to find you didn’t have enough space? Or trying to use said floppy 6 months later only to find it wiped by a butterfly fart?

  3. I can’t find any nostalgia in me for these damn things. Slow, expensive (particularly so when I was 13), and they’d lose all your data if you even looked at them wrong.

    One of my most “fun” experiences doing PC support was installing Windows 95 on 20 machines with no CD drives, and a boss too cheap to shell out for imaging software. “Put disk 1 in machine 1. Put disk 1 in machine 2. Put disk 2 in machine 1. Put disk 1 in machine 3. Put disk 2 in machine 2. Put disk 3 in machine 1…”

  4. Stewart says:

    Yeah, nostalgia definitely wears rose-coloured glasses. I miss floppies in the way they’re portrayed in Hackers and the box of Amiga games I still have.

  5. Michael Mckeever says:

    I suppose I can sympathise – I have a record player, and I play records occasionally (I even buy them from time to time – such as oknotok, the 20th anniversary of ok computer), but it’s pure nostalgia, absolutely no other reason for it. Contrary to hipster opinion, records don’t necessarily sound better…

  6. Having ruminated on this for a day, I’m thinking that it would be a pretty sweet project to put flash memory inside a FD case, and then gut a FDD to accept the custom disk and connect to the RAM in the disk. So you’d get all the satisfaction of physically carrying data (on rollerblades to complete my Hackers fantasy) and the satisfying click in the drive, but it would be a terabyte or so of data that’s not affected by butterfly farts. Looking for a fun project Dallas?

  7. If anything I’d make an RPi floppy emulator for C64 and Amiga.

  8. Want the convenience of bulk storage but want to play the games on the actual hardware.

  9. Alas, when home life intrudes on work life I use my personal time to catch up the day job… it’s never gonna happen.

  10. Look at this. It’s beautiful.


    I’d love to work out processing-based, Linux driver-based and baremetal-based RPi solutions for hardware control as it would be useful in the day job if I had it up my sleeve…

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