Floppy Nostalgia

Opening a floppy drive to release a disk

Disk box full of floppy disks

I’m really feeling a lot of nostalgia for floppy disks at the moment.

Having all my data in the cloud and not having to worry about storage limits is great, but there’s something about the satisfying click of the disk locking in to place that I’d love to have again.

I miss the satisfaction of thumbing through a box full of disks to choose a game I’d like to play and the physicality of having a collection of things I really treasured in my hands.

I don’t miss having to feed 37 floppy disks through a drive to install Windows 95 though.

Music has had a renaissance in analogue media, I wonder if we’ll have a hipster movement in data storage as well? Has anyone invented a floppy disk with a pop-out USB connector? It wouldn’t be the same though, I need the satisfying click as the disk locks in to place.